Earn cool cash

About the card

Your Cooling United Club VISA® card works similar to other VISA® cards. You can use it for cashless transactions in traditional stores and on webshops that accept VISA®. Today, there are over 40,000,000 of them. This should make it possible for you to find that best way to reward your company.

How to get the card?

As soon as you have collected your first 500 points, we will start preparing your Cooling United Club VISA® card.

The list of qualified products outlines which Danfoss products are eligble for points. All you have to do is register your invoice and the rest of the process is automatic. The points will be converted to pounds and transferred to your company’s Cooling United Club VISA® card every month.

The reward is within reach - you just have to complete one more small step

Okay, you have collected 500 points and what's next? Don't worry, we will guide you through the process. You will get an e-mail from us requesting you to provide additional data (date of birth and postal address). Based on this, we will prepare your Cooling United Club VISA® card.

Enjoy your Cooling United Club VISA® card

Your company card will be prepared soon. We will send it to your company address by post. For security reasons, the card is inactive and is not yet credited with any rewards. Together with the card, you will receive instructions on how to activate the card and assign a PIN number to it. Once you have done that, we will make the first transfer of funds.
For the next two years, you can freely use the funds collected on your card.

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