Ref Tools now provides quick and easy access to product information



The Ref Tools app is an essential part of a contractor’s toolbox – it provides you with the guidance, support, information, and tools you need every day to do your job—and do it quickly and efficiently. Now, Ref Tools is getting another feature that will make it even more useful. We call it Product Finder.

Product Finder gives you access to essential product information. We’ve integrated as much product-related data as possible in one place, so you can find it when and where you need it. Since this was one of the most-often requested features for Ref Tools from many of our users worldwide, we’re thrilled to finally make it available.

After you download or update your latest version of Ref Tools, you’ll see Product Finder on the main tool page, alongside other helpful tools such as Magnetic Tool, Troubleshooter, Low-GWP Tool, and Spare Parts.

Product Finder includes:
  • Product specifications—get quick access to technical information, dimensions, and model numbers
  • Documentation—find helpful installation guides, catalogs, brochures, and spec sheets
  • Product visuals—see detailed product images
  • Spare parts and accessories—find compatible replacements and accessories
  • Convenient sharing—build and export product lists for easy sharing with colleagues, purchasers, and wholesalers
With just a few taps of your finger, you can find the product you’re working on, get the information you need, and move forward with your installation or repair.
Ref Tools directly in your favorite web browser. Click the links below to download.

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