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 Danfoss gas detection sensors DGS are the newest addition to the Cooling United Club program.
Based on an all-new digital platform, the DGS series is easy to install and work with in both stand-alone and integrated systems. The range is suitable for application areas such as supermarkets, proces refrigeration plants, refrigerated storage and warehousing and special application areas or zones.

Fast response times, wide measuring range, entry safety

The new series offers the same proven reliability, standards compliance, and safety as it’s predecessor, but the response time is significantly faster, alerting users to leakage issues quicker. The sensors will issue both early warning and critical alarm signals.

The Sensors can easily be integrated into Danfoss ADAP-KOOL® systems, giving you 24/7 remote service access to parameters and alarms. Users can also access monitoring and service information locally using the hand-held service tool.

Easy to install and use, the Danfoss gas sensors series covers with just 5 models a range of 15 refrigerants.

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 Gas Sensors
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