Summer promotion: Always on. Even when you’re off



Work smarter. Perform remote diagnostics before you go on site

When you install a Prosa IoT solution for food stores, you get remote access on the ProsaLink app to all the data you need on the system. This way you can act upfront, reduce downtime and food loss, and save time and money.

Take action now and benefit from 4  x reward  points in Cooling United Club for every registered purchase of Prosa Monitoring units (300B4310 & 300B4311) throughout August and September 2020.
So don’t wait and pick up the Loyalty reward of  4 x 25 points = 100 points, which corresponds to £10 for each unit purchased.

The ProsaLink app, paired with the PR-SC4 telemetry device, is a simple, real-time temperature and automatic HACCP data-logging solution – combined with alarm notifications to act immediately.

Instant and actionable alerts

You will never be caught off guard. ProsaLink keeps an eye on perishables and helps prevent food loss caused by breakdown or late-servicing of refrigeration equipment.

Watch the videos in this playlist and start using your app to monitor your refrigeration assets. Read more on ProsaLink here

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