Visa ® Contact Support


Visa ® Contact Support

Where can I use my company VISA® card?

Similar to other VISA® cards, your Cooling United Club VISA® card can be used for cashless transactions in traditional stores and on webshops that accept VISA® cards.

What to do if I  have forgotten my PIN?

Please call the hotline on 01908 303488 and select the 'forgotten pin' option.

Lost & Stolen Card

If you lose your card, phone the card hotline immediately: 01908 303488.
If your card is stolen, call the card hotline to block your account. Once you have blocked your account, report your stolen card to the police and obtain a crime reference number.

General Enquiries

If you have a query regarding your card and wish to speak to a customer service advisor then please contact us during office hours on our hotline number 01908 303488 and select 'customer services'.

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